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Increase conversion rates and sales outreach.

Crafting sales campaigns that resonate with the distinctive identity, preferences, and values of your target audience, thereby generating increased conversion rates and fostering sales growth essential for augmenting revenue.

Segment target audiences

Identifying distinct groups within your audience based on shared characteristics or behaviors. This segmentation helps tailor your messaging and strategies to effectively engage each group, maximizing the impact of your efforts.

Phone, email, and LinkedIn

Thriving your sales efforts through phone, email, and LinkedIn. With our arsenal of templates, personalized strategies, and expert guidance, we ensure your messages stand out, driving meaningful engagement and helping you achieve your sales goals.

Campaign Configuration

Configuring the tools tailored to your needs, ensuring your campaigns are strategically optimized. Our support streamlines the process, enhancing your ability to reach target audiences effectively and fitted to your systems.


Performance optimization

Tailored strategies and techniques to enhance performance, pinpointing areas for improvement and implementing effective solutions to boost efficiency and productivity. Our focus is on refining processes, utilizing resources efficiently, and leveraging technology to optimize performance outcomes.

B2B Lead Generation on LinkedIn

Growing your business with the right sales sequences.

Are you stuck in targets and growth seems like an uphill battle, it’s time for a fresh perspective. Let’s shake things up and break out of that sales bubble together! We’re here to inject new ideas and strategies that’ll take your business or sales department to the next level. Let’s get creative and revitalize your approach to success.

Business To Business Lead Generation

Teaming up with a data-driven partner for results.

Our core approach revolves around active communication and ongoing optimization. We maintain open dialogues with clients, keeping them informed while fine-tuning our sales strategies.


Targeting multiple audiences at once.


24/7 available with unlimited support.


We schedule bi-weekly Meetings.

Business To Business Lead Generation


The people we are working with.

Roy Calis

Stefan Bassant

Very satisfied! De Grijff works well and quickly and is proactive and professional.

Roy Calis

Roy Calis

Tiger CFS

De Grijff and its team are professional, keep their promises and deliver what they promise!

Roy Calis

Ilja van Werkhoven


De Grijff kept us sharp and shared alot of their knowledge to get our sales go up!

Roy Calis

Jeroen Kubbenga

Ks Medical Group

The communication, explanation and results achieved are super! Highly recommended!

Roy Calis

Robert Gunsing


De Grijff helped us with a number of valuable leads. We have experienced the power of marketing!

Roy Calis

Jennifer Bello

Just & Judicial

I have gained many valuable leads thanks to De Grijff. Thank you very much for the support.”


Spread the word of knowledge.

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