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Our passion is to share expertise in b2b sales and help others achieve better outcomes.

De Grijff is trusted by 100+ Start-ups, SMEs, and Corporates around the world.

Maximize your sales performance.

Are you experiencing stagnant sales growth or struggling to scale up your current sales processes? Rest assured, you’re not alone. We have developed a strategy to optimize your sales performance and drive success.


A process with you in mind.

Sales Strategy

Transform your sales strategy with our guidance, boosting conversion rates and unlocking new revenue for your company. With our proven methods, we’ll help you maximize sales opportunities and drive sustainable growth.

Sales Infrastructure

Establishing a system infrastructure for your sales department. By leveraging CRM and MQL automation, we can boost efficiency, and streamline lead management, all with the objective of maximizing your sales performance.

Sales Sequencing

Crafting personalized sales campaigns that resonate with the distinctive identity, preferences, and values of your target audience, thereby generating increased conversion rates and fostering sales growth essential for augmenting revenue.

“Highly satisfied with De Grijff, I would recommend them to every B2B company I know.”

“We are extremely pleased with De Grijff’s efficient, responsive, and proactive performance.

Our platform,, connects entrepreneurs with investors, and we are actively working to expand our network on both sides. De Grijff has consistently delivered excellent results, showcasing professionalism, speed, and a positive, proactive approach in our collaborative efforts.”

Stefan Bassant


B2B Lead Generation on LinkedIn

Customers becoming ambassadors on a mission.

Throughout the years I have learned that people only buy when they see the value and opportunity for them in buying. Sharing a clear result or answer to the challenge at hand is just the start. It is all about making their business case. When people can realize their goals by using your products or services, they become unstoppable.

Business To Business Lead Generation

Teaming up with us will help you stay a head and on top.

Our proven Sales Methodology ensures prospect conversion and customer growth with ongoing support and bi-weekly optimization, making us your reliable partner.


100% Satisfaction Score on Google.


Successfully provided 115+ customers with leads.


More than 9,500 leads were generated.

Business To Business Lead Generation


The people we are working with.

Roy Calis

Stefan Bassant

Very satisfied! De Grijff works well and quickly and is proactive and professional.

Roy Calis

Roy Calis

Tiger CFS

De Grijff and its team are professional, keep their promises and deliver what they promise!

Roy Calis

Ilja van Werkhoven


De Grijff kept us sharp and shared alot of their knowledge to get our sales go up!

Roy Calis

Jeroen Kubbenga

Ks Medical Group

The communication, explanation and results achieved are super! Highly recommended!

Roy Calis

Robert Gunsing


De Grijff helped us with a number of valuable leads. We have experienced the power of marketing!

Roy Calis

Jennifer Bello

Just & Judicial

I have gained many valuable leads thanks to De Grijff. Thank you very much for the support.”


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