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Get a sales performance overview.

The structured data collection process, dashboard setup, KPI definition, and strategy refinement, facilitated by intelligent tooling, is crucial for sales departments as it enable informed decision-making.

Data Collection

The first step is to ensure a robust data collection system, capturing relevant sales data accurately and consistently and integrating CRM, outreach platforms, or other data sources to compile essential information about customer interactions and leads.

Dashboard Setup

Creating a comprehensive dashboard that visualizes your sales data in real time. This central hub allows us to monitor key metrics, such as conversion rates, customer acquisition costs, and revenue, providing a clear and up-to-date overview of your sales performance.

KPI Implementation

Identify and define the key performance indicators (KPIs) that align with your business objectives and goals. These KPIs encompass a range of essential metrics, such as customer lifetime value, sales pipeline velocity, and lead-to-sale conversion rates, providing insight into sales initiatives.

Sales Strategy Optimization

Continuously analyze the data on your dashboard and evaluate how well KPIs are being met, adjusting sales strategy based on the insights gained from the data, identifying areas of improvement, and optimizing the approach to align with desired results. This iterative process ensures you make informed decisions to drive sales growth and achieve your goals.

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Saving time with the use of Smart and efficient Tools.

Smart tooling in sales optimization allows for efficient data collection, KPI definition, and strategy refinement, empowering businesses to make informed decisions and achieve their objectives effectively.

Business To Business Lead Generation

Teaming up with a data-driven partner for results.

Our core approach revolves around active communication and ongoing optimization. We maintain open dialogues with clients, keeping them informed while fine-tuning our sales strategies.


Custom advice based on your sales strategy.


24/7 available with unlimited support.


We schedule bi-weekly Meetings.

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Roy Calis

Stefan Bassant

Very satisfied! De Grijff works well and quickly and is proactive and professional.

Roy Calis

Roy Calis

Tiger CFS

De Grijff and its team are professional, keep their promises and deliver what they promise!

Roy Calis

Ilja van Werkhoven


De Grijff kept us sharp and shared alot of their knowledge to get our sales go up!

Roy Calis

Jeroen Kubbenga

Ks Medical Group

The communication, explanation and results achieved are super! Highly recommended!

Roy Calis

Robert Gunsing


De Grijff helped us with a number of valuable leads. We have experienced the power of marketing!

Roy Calis

Jennifer Bello

Just & Judicial

I have gained many valuable leads thanks to De Grijff. Thank you very much for the support.”


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