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We are a full-service B2B sales agency for everyone, everywhere.

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At De Grijff, we’re driven by excellence and innovation, specializing in optimizing B2B sales funnels. With a personalized approach, we’re your dedicated partner in navigating today’s dynamic marketplace. Together, let’s empower your business to thrive.


We are young, innovative,

and progressive since.

Our mission is to be the agency that customers adore and leave competitors envious.

We are dedicated to relentlessly pursuing this level of success.

What makes us unique

De Grijff is all about pushing the boundaries in B2B sales, and we’re not your average team. Our commitment to excellence and drive for innovation make us stand out.

We’re here to help businesses navigate the complex and ever-changing landscape of B2B sales, offering a beacon of opportunity. Our mission goes beyond survival; we want to see businesses thrive in today’s dynamic marketplace.


What sets us apart is our deep commitment to growth and transformation. We’re not just experts; we’re innovators with extensive experience, providing practical strategies. We lead in setting trends, pushing boundaries, and being your dependable partner in the ever-changing world of B2B sales. We’re not just a team; we’re passionate individuals making a real difference in your success.

Our mission is to

go beyond expectations.

De Grijff is an experienced sales agency that helps B2B companies build strong relationships with prospects & customers and helps you stand out as a company in your industry.

“Highly satisfied with De Grijff, I would recommend them to every B2B company I know.

“We are extremely pleased with De Grijff’s efficient, responsive, and proactive performance.

Our platform,, connects entrepreneurs with investors, and we are actively working to expand our network on both sides. De Grijff has consistently delivered excellent results, showcasing professionalism, speed, and a positive, proactive approach in our collaborative efforts.”

Stefan Bassant


What we work for every day? To unlock
the potential of those around us.


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Business Development

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